Founded in 2003, NET-TRACK stolen vehicle recovery has become a technological leader in tracking stolen property and offers a seamless solution to the ever-growing concern for the protection and recovery of stolen vehicles, heavy equipment’s, marine crafts and other valuable assets worldwide.


NET-TRACK addresses the car market by offering an affordable range of products designed specifically for the Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Fleet Management and Personal Tracking platforms.


The idea behind the development of NET-TRACK was the need for a reliable tracking device that was small enough to fit on a motorbike, without affecting its performance. NET-TRACK achieves both these goals, whilst adding many more useful features along the way. It’s also robust enough to withstand significant impact, and waterproof to IPCX6 Marine Standards.


The only thing Big about our Competitors is their UNIT size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why you need to be protected with NET-TRACK

  • Proven stolen vehicle recovery and theft prevention results.
  • Utilizes GSM/GPS & Radio Frequency technology. Can track and recover your vehicle whether it's in urban areas with tall buildings, tunnels, garages, dense woods, or steel containers-all places where thieves often take stolen vehicles.
  • The standard Alert feature will notify you if your vehicle moves without authorization, resulting in a more rapid recovery.
  • In case of theft, our 24/7 dedicated in-house tracking team will locate and recover your vehicle.
  • Money-back recovery warranty.
  • Powered by ITA with 18 years of recovering stolen vehicles.

When your vehicle is stolen, every second counts. We know that for a fact and we continue to invest in the development of highly sophisticated systems to optimize rapid tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles. NET-TRACK’S tracking teams have been on the road for over a decade recovering stolen assets of all shapes and sizes.

Getting your stolen car back fast is not only your priority… it's our ultimate goal